Workstation & Server Customization

    We build customized computers and servers for customers who want unique, powerful, and state of the art systems. Whether your are a high-performance gamer, or are in need of some serious equipment to run your network, we will be happy to put it together for you.


    Server Management

    So you need a reliable company you can count on to manage your servers, a company that you can trust, a versatile company, which can manage any server or group of servers you bring to the table. Well, that's what we're here for, and if there's something we know better than the competition, it's servers. No matter what platform or infrastructure you may have, we will take care of business.


    Wireless Solutions

    Wireless networking for the home and business has improved drastically over the last few years.Its a great way to bring your equipment, or even your Local Area Networks together, and you can extend your business network without the need for cabling costs. If you are a Home user, you can enjoy browsing the web and sharing files with other computers from any room in the house, even the backyard. Call us and let us tell you more about the benefits of wireless networking.



    We are proud to provide you with the basic, yet added benefit of regular maintenance. When you maintain your equipment updated, physically clean, and free from viruses, spyware and other malicious programs, chances are your system(s) will last much longer, and need less servicing. We have various different programs for this category of service. Contact us and find out how to extend the life of your equipment for a low price.


    Virus Removal

    Viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, rootkits, etc. The list goes on. Many Home and Business networks may be infected and not even know it. There are thousands of anti-virus software brands out there, but just because you spend some money on an anti-virus, doesn't mean you're covered. Sometimes, even with good software, you need a professional to completely get rid of a bad infection. If your network equipment, or your home computer or laptop is acting differently than normal, things are popping up,or its running extremely slow, you may be experiencing an infection.


    Data Backup Services

    You could never be too careful with your business information. Backing up your data offsite with an experienced company can save your business should you experience a disaster. More than 60% of businesses that lost all their information after a disaster, filed for banruptcy less than a year later. Your information may be one of your greatest assets. Call us to find out how you can safeguard your data, and have the peace of mind you deserve.